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Podcast The Take Away

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  • The Past, Present and Future Of The Biden Administration 2022-01-21
    The Past, Present and Future Of The Biden Administration This week, the filibuster and voting rights act fell through in the Senate, and student debt forgiveness, criminal justice and climate change reforms hang in the balance. These failures have had an impact on voters across the country, according to recent polling. So what does that mean for the future of the Biden administration? For the discussion we're joined by Joel Payne, Democratic strategist, host of the podcast, Here Comes the Payne, and CBS News political contributor. NYC Law Granting Noncitizens the Right to Vote Concerns Some Advocates A new law allowing roughly 800,000 noncitizens to vote in local elections went into effect in New York City. Some Democrats and immigration advocates don't see it as a win. Russell Berman, staff writer for The Atlantic, joined to discuss his recent reporting on the law and what it means for the Democrats nationally. Russia's Potential Invasion of Ukraine We spoke with Professor Kimberly Marten about why Russia has chosen this moment to take more aggressive action towards Ukraine, and whether the U.S. and other Western powers have any other options to prevent a military conflict. How Should the Media Be Covering Democracy At Risk? The Takeaway spoke to Margaret Sullivan, media columnist at the Washington Post, and Lewis Raven Wallace, author of The View from Somewhere and the host of the podcast of the same name. For transcripts, see individual segment pages.  
  • How Antitrust Laws Are Defining the Facebook Monopolization Case 2022-01-20
    How Antitrust Laws Are Defining the Facebook Monopolization Case: We get the latest on Facebook/Meta antitrust lawsuit, and learn more about what constitutes antitrust with Vanderbilt law professor Rebecca Allensworth.  A Year and a Half After McGirt v. Oklahoma, State Officials Still Want Ruling Overturned: State officials have filed 45 petitions with the Supreme Court asking the justices to either overturn or rule more narrowly on McGirt. This month, the Court has been considering some of those petitions. The Takeaway speaks with Allison Herrera, Indigenous Affairs reporter for KOSU, about the most recent developments. A Word about Wordle: We speak with Associate Professor of Social Psychology at the University of Florida, Matt Baldwin, about why playing Wordle and sharing our results with friends and family is so rewarding. How to Reimagine Judging: Judge Nancy Gertner, argues that judges must be actively involved in revolutionizing the justice system. She also offers up six key recommendations for reimagining judging, including improvements to judicial selection and community engagement.  For transcripts, see individual segment pages.
  • Dr. Anthony Fauci on How to Make Sense of Omicron 2022-01-19
    Dr. Anthony Fauci on How to Make Sense of Omicron Dr. Anthony Fauci joins The Takeaway to give his take on omicron, vaccinations and testing, and answer questions from listeners. Why the Biden Administration Is Getting Low Marks On Handling COVID Did Biden's handling of Omicron make things worse? How Do We Achieve Vaccine Equity? When we look at education, access, and messaging, we begin to understand the barriers to vaccination. Dads Can Experience Mental Health Issues After Childbirth, Too The Takeaway talked to Aymann Ismail, a staff writer at Slate, about his recent experience with his newborn baby.
  • The Filibuster: An Obstruction or Preservation of Democracy? 2022-01-18
    The Filibuster: An Obstruction or Preservation of Democracy? The Takeaway looks at filibuster reform and how it impacts our democracy. What Exactly is An Accident? There are racial and economic disparities when it comes to who dies and who lives in a so-called accident. The Spirituality of Toni Morrison The Takeaway speaks with writer and journalist Nadra Nittle about her book Toni Morrison’s Spiritual Vision, which explores Morrison’s Catholicism and spirituality. Representative Ayanna Pressley on Voting Rights, Ending the Senate Filibuster, and More The Takeaway speaks to Massachusetts Representative Ayanna Pressley about voting rights, ending the Senate filibuster, the fight to end student loan debt, and more. For transcripts, see individual segment pages.
  • MLK: Activism & The Arts
    In some ways it is impossible to fully celebrate MLK Day in a virtual environment, after all, the movement for racial justice and Civil Rights  has always been about coming together. However, the decision to go digital does honor another aspect of the movement- its creativity and collective action. Hosted by various WNYC radio hosts, this commemorative and uplifting special brings together scholars, cultural and community leaders, and activists to engage in conversations and performance, exploring the many ways the arts influenced the creative nonviolent resistance of Dr. King's activism and how his work is continued today. You'll be hearing excerpts from the Uptown Hall: MLK- Activism And The Arts, our live celebration of the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. recorded on Apollo Digital Stage. Brian Lehrer sat down with award winning children’s book author Jacqueline Woodson; Kai Wright spoke with Rashaad Robinson from Color of Change; and WNYC’s Jami Floyd, spoke with Garrett McQueen, executive producer and co-host of the Trilluqoy podcast and president of trill werks media. WNYC’s host of “all of it”, Alison Stewart was joined by stage and film actress, writer and director, Trezana Beverly and Jonathan McCrory, the artistic director of the National Black Theater. The Takeaway host Melissa Harris-Perry spoke with artist, collector, CEO and founder Of Black Art In America, Najee Dorsey and former executive director of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, mayor of Atlanta, member of Congress, and US Ambassador to the United Nations, Andrew Young. Graphic courtesy of WNYC (WNYC Studios )             

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