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The Minimalists

Podcast The Minimalists
Podcast The Minimalists

The Minimalists


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  • Help Me Convince My Spouse to Minimize!
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  • 322 | Paper Clutter
    Joshua and The Minimalists’ team talk about dealing with paper clutter, including bills, mail, receipts, taxes, photos, books, pamphlets, files, contracts, letters, and other random paperwork, and they answer the following questions: What documents are essential to keep? (02:11) What companies do you recommend for scanning physical photos and storing them in the cloud? (06:45) What are the most effective methods for organizing important paper documents in the office? (18:22) What resources do you use to keep paper clutter from ever entering your homes? (22:02) Where do I begin tackling a monster of paper clutter that threatens to eat up an inordinate amount of time? (25:19) Detailed show notes: Join The Minimalists Private Podcast:
  • The Abundance of Minimalism
    The Minimalists are joined by T.K. Coleman to discuss the difference between wealth and abundance. Listen to the full episode at
  • 321 | An Evening of Less
    The Minimalists are joined by T.K. Coleman in Atlanta to discuss minimalism with purpose, resolving conflict, and creating a “social budget,” and they answer the following questions: When have you found telling the truth problematic? (03:04) Is minimalism a Western solution for overconsumption? (07:20) Why are so many so consumed with consumption? (08:54) What is the “American Dream”? (10:03) What makes us singularly human? (11:51) What is minimalism to you? (13:15) How do you appropriately resolve conflict with loved ones in a family business? (18:11) How do you define “love”? (27:40) What is your perspective regarding power? (29:15) Detailed show notes: Support The Minimalists:
  • How Do I Overcome a Toxic Relationship with a Parent?
    Joshua and Ryan are joined by counselor, podcaster, and author Ian Morgan Cron to talk about setting boundaries with toxic family members. Listen to the full episode at

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